Cheaper travel within the UK

Britain is not big, but getting around can eat into your budget. Famous stories of taxis from Heathrow to central London wiping out an unwary travelers weekly budget are a thing of the past but it is still important to think about money if you are travelling any distance in the United Kingdom.

Inter-City Busses

Very cheap way of getting around in cleanliness and comfort. There are a number of providers including National Express and Megabus, but all are similar in providing  an excellent means of getting from place to place at very low prices.

Overground Trains

The cost of overground trains goes up massively when you buy your tickets on the day of travel. Buy as far in advance as you dare (often tickets are non-transferable) for up to 80% off the ‘on the day’ price.

London Underground

The best way to get around London is a mix of tube trains and busses. The oyster card is a pre-pay discount travel card that gives you the freedon to roam London with ease. Don’t forget to swipe in and out.

Air Travel

Flights from London to Manchester, Liverpool, Edunburgh, Gloasgow and Belfast run hourly but again if you don’t book in advance these are frighteningly expensive. ¬†However for early bookers, this is often the cheapest (as well as the quickest) way of all to get from the South of England to Scotland and back.

Car Hire

Largely well regulated and professionally managed. The relatively high cost of gas in the UK is offset by the relatively short travel distances. Few locations are more than a full petrol tank of gas from each other, so care hire is a great option if you want the freedom to explore some of the roads less traveled by other visitors.