Eat for less in London

London is not a cheap place to eat unless you have your wits about you. Many restaurants cater to a tourist trade and are no respecters of words such as ‘value’.

However there are a number of restaurant types that are generally cheaper than most without stinting on quality.

Inevitably it is the immigrant communities who offer best value. Indian, Carribean, Chinese and Middle Eastern can generally provide good filling meals at great prices.

Avoid burger chains. You only have one life and it really could be better spent than standing in a queue waiting for some spotty herbert to ask you if you want fries with that.

Fish and Chips when sold in a sit down restaurant are generally overpriced and since the north sea is so heavily overfished your ethics might direct you to avoid this option. The substitute option of sausage and chips when bought from a traditional ‘chippie’ ( a take away only establishment are usually great value and very filling.

Why not try something a little different and seek out  a traditional british pie and mash shop. There are only a few left but they are amazing value and will give you an eating experience that will stay with you forever.   Some people won’t touch jellied eels because they look a bit rough, but if you like fish, then one taste of these beauties and you will be hooked for life.

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