Las Vegas for less

Las Vegas is a machine designed to part you with your money. It lures you in with bright light and tempting offers and then gets you to empty your wallet at the casino tables and slot machines.

However  if you are strong enough to resist the gambling part, then the rest of it is incredibly cheap.

Food, accommodation and entertainment, the three essentials of a vacation  are there for the taking.  Vegas is in the middle of the desert so you get hot weather and masses of sunshine.

However as soon as you throw a quarter into a slot machine or sit at a blackjack table, the machine will beat you.

It takes a certain sort of bloody mindedness to enjoy Las Vegas without gambling but if you feel you are up for the challenge, give it a whirl. I spent a week there, stayed at a youth hostel, ate really well at the breakfast buffets, enjoyed the day wandering the strip and watching the free shows that each casino seems to offer free to their guests. I even found a local pool to lie beside enjoying the weather and a good book for a couple of totally relaxing days. It was pretty much the cheapest week of my life. I spent no more than 40 dollars and came home tanned, fed, rested and absolutely sure of one thing… I would never go back to Las Vegas again.

Its the architecture… Its horrible!