Sensational Street Food in Marrakesh

Human psychology is fascinating. We love a bargain; we enjoy getting a discount. However if the goods we are seeking to purchase are offered to us  below a certain price we suddenly get suspicious.  We start to question motives and believe there is a problem, simply because our brains cannot grasp that someone would be prepared to sell something for so small a sum of money.

I suspect it is this attitude that is partly why so few western tourists eat street food in poor countries. Sure you can see the standard of hygene (or lack of it) but are you really safer eating in a restaurant where the state of the kitchen is hidden from view?

Marrakesh is famous for its street food and one of the surprising things is how clean they keep their ‘kitchens’. These are often no more than a burner and an old metal bin lid, but look at how well polished it all is.  You probably never realised that the Moroccan government strictly control and licences street food sellers. This is to ensure the food they serve meets official quality standards.

Now spend an embarrassingly small sum and taste what they have to offer.  You are about to be blown away. The street food in the Djemaa el Fna (the huge square in the centre of town) is some of the most memorably delicious food I have ever eaten. Spicy, intense and suffused with warming spices unique to Moroccan cuisine.

I could go on at length here about specific dishes but the truth is that there are hundreds of amazing tastes to explore and you should be guided by your own senses rather than my words.